What is the full form of RIP?

What is the full form of RIP ? and what is the exact meaning of RIP In hindi and english? Are you search these items then today in this article i will tell you what is rip and when we refers rip for a person. RIP Full Form? Friends, in this post, we will know to full form of RIP, you always  heard when people speaking the word RIP, if you have not understood that what it means,if you want to know the rip full form in hindi then read this post because in this post we have told the  Full Form of RIP. Friends, even if you want to know what it means with RIP Full Form, this post will also be helpful for you.

Full Form Of RIP

If you are active in social media specially on Facebook or twitter, then you too must have seen people writing RIP in the comment box or in someone Posts. Friends  when a person dies then we use the term RIP. I have seen many people who do not know the RIP Full Form but they know when RIP word used. So This post helps you to both know the meaning of RIP and Full form of RIP. so let’s starts.

Full Form Of RIP

The Full form of RIP is Rest Of Peace and the RIP word use when someone dies. Nowadays most people write this word RIP  on social media to wish for peace of one’s soul. There are some people who like to write Rest in Peace, then some people write only RIP because both words mean the same.

Meaning Of RIP

As you know that the full form of RIP is Rest In Peace. The RIP word is made up of two different words Rest and Peace. Rest means to get message to a soul that do only rest not do any work because it’s dies and Peace means to get message that we pray your peace and no one you disturb you. i hope you know the exact meaning of RIP. If your anyone the strange about the word RIP then share this post with him/her.

Origin Of RIP

The word RIP is derived from the Latin phrase Requiescat in Pace. The term RIP is mainly used for the dead person. In Christianity Religion, When the person dies and buried on the earth then a rest in peace is written on their grave. Also It show sympathy and respect for the dead person. 

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